Lunch Orders

Monday - Thursday

From Monday to Thursday, lunch orders can be placed at school from 8.30am–9am and will be delivered at midday. The orders are filled by Mosman Park Supa IGA deli at the Wellington Heights Shopping Centre.

Orders are to be placed in a clearly marked envelope (from home) with your child's name, school, class and correct money enclosed by 9am. The lunch basket is in the admin area at school.  Orders may also be placed directly with the IGA before 10:30am.


Canteen Service


Our onsite Canteen is staffed by volunteer parents each Friday, with counter service before 8.50am. Please do not provide $50 notes as we only handle small amounts of money.

Place a Friday canteen order

Friday lunch orders are placed using Place orders up to two weeks in advance. All orders must be in before the cut-off time of 8.15am each Friday. The menu consists of sushi, pasta, toasted and fresh sandwiches, sausage rolls and pizza. Drinks include juice boxes and milk. Remaining cakes plus fruit icy poles are also available after the students have eaten lunch.

Friday Canteen Menu


Students can buy apple slinkies, popcorn, noodle cups, cheese toasties, cakes and muffins over the counter at recess.

The Canteen is coordinated by the School P&C and profits provide for a number of School initiatives such as teaching and computer programs, library and reading books, as well as providing each and every class teacher with money for classroom resources and excursions.

Running of the Canteen

  • Each Class is put on the roster
  • 3-4 parents are required to run the Canteen in shifts between 8.30am - 1.15pm.
  • Grandparents are welcome to help
  • For safety reasons we do not allow younger siblings to be in the Canteen
  • Relying on volunteers means we avoid paying wages, and if every family volunteers at least 1-2 shifts per year we can cover staffing the canteen.
  • Our Canteen Coordinator circulates an email request for volunteers at the beginning of each term and then emails out a roster of canteen volunteers.
  • Approximately a week before a class canteen-roster date, your class representative will put up a list of perishable goods that can be donated.
  • Parents are also encouraged to donate a plate of cut-up fruit, biscuits or slices. Please no lollies or coloured icing.

This is a great way to contribute to the school community, last year the school raised nearly $30,000 through the canteen, and the children absolutely love seeing you there!

Food at canteen

Nuts are banned due to life-threatening student allergies. Please do not bring nuts or nut-products to canteen or any school/class functions, as the food will be discarded. Our Canteen follows the 'traffic light' system introduced by the WA government in 2007, where 'red' foods (fried foods, lollies etc.) are banned, 'amber' foods (low-fat baked goods, icypoles etc.) are limited and the majority of food offered is 'green' or healthy choices such as sandwiches, fruit etc.

Procedures and Tips for Canteen Volunteers

  1. If you are doing your first canteen shift, there will be people rostered with you who are old-hands who will support you.
  2. A float is delivered on the Friday morning by the class representative who will also open up the Canteen.
  3. If you manage without the float when taking lunch orders, it will save you having to recount it at the end of the day.
  4. The float is to be returned to the school office at the end of the Canteen shift
  5. 'Processes' documents placed on the wall above the freezer will guide you through what needs to be done on the day.
  6. To ensure that there are enough cakes/ slices/ fruit to go around, we advise that each student can purchase  'one sweet, one savoury', and no 'buying for a friend'.
  7. After donated goods have arrived, if you think you do not have enough to sell, you can increase the quantities of toasties, popcorn and apple slinkies.
  8. Please note that the left-hand fridge is for Canteen use, and the right-hand fridge is for Breakfast Club (run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings). Please do not use the right hand fridge to store any Canteen goods.
  9. If there are any left-over perishable goods that will keep until Tuesday the following week, please put them in the Breakfast Club fridge. Otherwise, please discard.
  10. As well as providing a healthy lunch canteen also sells some baked goods, but to keep in line with the school's healthy eating policy, please make sure there are no lollies or coloured icing on cakes/ slices - thank you!
  11. Any deliveries that arrive on your shift - please leave the delivery note/ invoice on the table for the Canteen Coordinator to collect
  12. Please make sure that all surfaces are wiped down and the floor is swept.
  13. Rubbish bags should be placed in the large bins located near the Solomon Street entrance. Cardboard can be placed in the recycling bin in the same location.
  14. For those of you who want some cooking inspiration for canteen, there will be some ideas/recipes posted on our school website